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Think your startup can change the world?
IBM SmartCamp will give you the tools.


Congratulations to the SmartCamp 2015 Grand Prize Winner!


2015 Finalists

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IBM SmartCamp is one part mentoring bootcamp, one part networking extravaganza, and one part epic pitch competition between rising startups from around the globe. 


This year IBM SmartCamp is powered by LAUNCH and angel investor Jason Calacanis to give 10 of the world’s most promising innovators the ultimate startup experience in Silicon Valley.


Compete in a local IBM SmartCamp. 

Get training from, network with, and pitch to top-tier mentors from local businesses, startups, and VCs. Win the chance to study & demo at LAUNCH Scale, pitch on stage at LAUNCH Festival (the world’s largest startup conference), be accepted into the LAUNCH Incubator with $25k investment prize, and become IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year.