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Format the hard drive to restore its full capacity and set NTFS as its file system. Just follow the right method to make your new hard drive detectable and show up on your computer again. If you are having a similar issue on a USB flash drive or external disk, all the provided fixes above can help. If the hard drive is disabled in BIOS, the OS won’t be able to detect it, resulting in it not showing up in Windows. Hence, checking whether your hard drive is disabled in BIOS is necessary. Go Sound Blaster Play software download to “Disk Management”, right-click your new hard disk, and choose “Initialize Disk”.

  • Windows has a built-in tool that can scan your disk to find system errors and bad sectors and show if there are any problems with your hard drive.
  • Windows itself includes drivers, and new drivers can be automatically downloaded from Windows Update.
  • And when the scan is done Windows will let you know if further action is required.

If you still can’t access your files, there’s one more solution you can try. While it will fix the problem, it will also delete the data you’ve stored on the drive. In case you are getting the error when you try to open a specific folder or file, try changing its location. So if you want to open a file or folder from an external drive, copy it on the internal drive and try to access it from there. Evan Galasso is a digital forensics and data recovery engineer with over 10 years of experience in the field. He presents opinions on the current state of storage media, reverse engineering of storage systems and firmware, and electro-mechanical systems of SSDs and HDDs.

Vulnerable drivers are a significant security risk

Statistics show that the automatic Windows update is the most common reason that causing the problem. Personalized Windows settings are saved in the cloud through your Microsoft account.

  • When connecting a mechanical hard drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD), or an external USB hard drive to a computer, Windows 10 can automatically detect and set it up.
  • AVG provides a trial version to download and install that will scan your system and report those drivers that need an update.
  • If you are having a similar issue on a USB flash drive or external disk, all the provided fixes above can help.
  • To open it on Windows 10, right-click the Start button, and then select the “Device Manager” option.
  • For devices with Windows 10 in S mode, you can only get drivers through Windows Update.

Another way to perform a disk diagnostic in Windows 10 is by using CMD. Whenever you find your hard drive performs poorly, you can run CHKDSK to do the job. Here’s how to run CHKDSK to repair disk errors in Windows 10. The final way is using manual data recovery services from EaseUS. Our professional technical team can help you solve any system startup errors, including system failure, system blue screen, system black screen, and so on. You are likely to receive a notification when Windows considers there are unexpected errors on one of the storage devices that are connected to the computer. The storage device can be an internal hard disk, SSD, or external disk.

Where can I find Linux or FreeDOS drivers?

Some rehosting sites like to bundle bloatware, or malware, or other extraneous software when you install the drivers. This guide will give you the tools you need to confidently update the most common types of drivers, and even includes some general tips for dealing with any issues that may arise. This guide is geared towards gaming PCs, but most of it applies to any Windows computer. It is frustrating when you cannot change the display mode in NVIDIA Control Panel while playing games or running graphics-intensive programs. Close all the active background programs because they can interfere with the automatic switching. You can manually force the system to use the NVIDIA GPU for all applications. Learn why your operatins system is not listed on the software & driver download page.

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However, what made it bad was it being ambitious and a lot of hardware out there at the time did not support its features. Moreover, if you’ve encountered a problem after installing an update recently, you should uninstall it.


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