What Is Environmental Stewardship?

Environmental stewardship covers a broad array of actions undertaken by groups, individuals and other organizations to protect the natural environment. The term can be used to describe strict environmental conservation efforts or active restoration efforts, and is practiced at both global and local scales in urban and rural regions. While there are a variety of studies done on this subject and focus on different aspects, they tend to concentrate on a small subset of the numerous factors that can help or hinder environmental stewardship, such as ethics https://mountaincountryfarm.com/what-is-environmental-stewardship/ motivations, motivations networks, institutions, and context (Sharpe and Conrad 2006; Friedlander et al. 2013; Silbernagel et al. 2015).

The most important aspect of environmental management is direct stewardship, like planting trees, eliminating unwanted species, preserving waterways, or restricting recreation in wilderness areas. This can also mean teaching others about the importance of environmental issues as well as engaging in civic actions such as writing letters or petitions to legislators, or selecting candidates who promote environmentally responsible policies.

Environmental stewardship initiatives can have positive social effects in addition to ecological benefits for example, like the restoration of ecosystems that have been damaged. These include economic, cultural, and governance results. For instance, when buying food from a local farmer’s market or a community-supported agricultural program consumers are engaged in environmental stewardship by assisting the production of sustainable food while reducing the need for semi-trucks to transport products across the country (Breslow et al. 2016). In some cases, the outcomes of stewardship could be detrimental to the desired result. In indigenous communities who depend on the harvesting of megafauna in order to maintain their identity and livelihoods (Clarke, 1999) Conservation approaches that doesn’t allow any take may be incompatible with their social-ecological view.


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